Why List With Us


Arista is a locally owned and operated boutique Real Estate Firm, we are dedicated to the WNY region and have the market knowledge of over 30 years of experience.


in the last 30 +years  Arista has closed over 350 Million in transactions from leasing, to selling, as well as developing


Arista prides ourself in our tenacity, we are willing to make the cold calls and anything else it will take to help successfully sell or lease your property.


If you are considering selling or leasing your property, you need to seriously consider listing with Arista. Why? Arista is a local and knowledgeable firm in the WNY area, are clientele list extends from retail tenants to industrial buyers and everything in between. You can rest assured that when you list with Arista you will have the peace of mind knowing that your getting optimum exposure to your property. Leave it up to the professionals as you may have more value in your property than you think, let Arista Unlock that Value.

List With Us


What does a broker provide me when I am buying/ leasing a property?

If you have any interest in buying or leasing, it is in your absolute best interest to refer to market professionals who can help you every step of the way,

What is the Cost for this Service if I am a Buyer or Lessee ?

This service costs no added cost if you are buyer or lessee. This is because we work closely with a magnitude of sellers and lessors who are actively looking to sell or lease their properties.

What Does a Broker Provide me when I am looking to Sell or Lease?

As stated above we have an array of market knowledge and know how to properly value and list your property. We provide Marketing such as premium internet exposure and expensive signage. We take the headaches out of selling or leasing your property.

Is there a cost in listing my property?

There is a rate in which you pay after we have completed the deal. We are competitive with this rate and believe that we add much more value for the seller in the long run.

If I list my property and it doesn't sell or lease, what happens?

If we cannot come to terms on a deal there is no cost to the owner


Market Knowledge & Experience

Arista has 100’s of millions of commercial real estate sales experience in the WNY area. Not only will we know the market value for your commercial property. We have a list of buyers for all properties, unlocking the most value as possible for your property. Any questions you have on how the process of selling works we are happy to help every step of the way, we can recommend lawyers, plumbers, contractors or anyone professional that you may need.


You will not have to worry about taking one single call or showing the property. Arista will handle everything from showing the property to putting together contracts or leases for your attorney’s review. We will qualify every person who calls and only bring fourth deals that are feasible to being made. A lot of time is wasted from people who call and are not serious, let us handle the headaches for you

Peace of Mind

Rest assured you have professional’s who do this everyday on your side. Dont sell a property and look back and think, “Maybe I could’ve gotten more for my property”. At Arista we leave no stone un turned and will do everything in our power to see that you got the best possible value for your property.