About Us

Proven Commercial Real Estate Experience for Western NY

Arista Real Estate & Development, LLC is a boutique real estate firm in Western New York, formed in 2000 by the firm’s principal, Robert Nuchereno, and provides a full range of retail, commercial and investment real estate services , including commercial brokerage, leasing, property management, and development. The company has over 30 years of combined experience, and its brokers have completed over 1,000 deals covering several millions in square footage with estimated value of over $300 million in the commercial real estate industry nationwide.

Arista specializes in helping Western New York’s best businesses and entities acquire the very best locations. Arista designs, develops, and manages properties that make the communities served better places to live, work and shop. Arista creates unparalleled value to clients served through expert market knowledge, creative problem solving, and transaction expertise targeted specifically to the unique characteristics of each property type. Arista is determined to perform every task to the highest level of excellence, from beginning to end.



Just a few other reasons to consider Arista for your commercial real estate needs for the Buffalo Market:

#1 Our Track Record

Over 1,000 Done Deals in WNY spanning over 30 years covering Retail, Office, Industrial and Adaptive Reuse/Housing and Hotel Projects including Tim Hortons, Panera Bread, Horizon Health Services, McDonalds, Dollar General, Value Home Center, Good Year, M&T Bank, American Household and Storage.

#2 The Promise of Trust

Our brand and reputation is built from results founded on ethical business practices and long term relationship building. Due to the sensitive nature of this business, the confidentiality of  your materials and information are our highest priority, and earning your trust is an integral component of a deal’s fruition. We take your business, your properties, and the information you share very seriously and we care about working hard for you.

#3 Deal Making Expertise

Not all commercial deals are straight forward. Some require creative solutions that fairly solve the needs of all parties. Others require extensive knowledge on the specifics of a lease clause and understanding of acceptable industry standards. Arista has seen it all and understands the complexities that go into a commercial deal. Our creativity is a major differentiator and a big reason why we believe we are a superior choice to our competitors in ensuring closed transactions.

#4 Our Diligent Work Ethic for You

Not all brokers are equal. Rarely are deals made in one phone call. Arista prides itself on its creativity and business acumen to be as efficient as possible, however also understands the necessity of hard work to create valuable business relationships and implement targeted sales campaigns or site searches. We aim to not just reach any deal for our clients, but reach the RIGHT deal that reflects the current market.

#5 Master Negotiators

Not all representation is equal. Real Estate negotiation is an art that requires a proven mastery of various sales techniques and a comprehensive understanding of the commercial markets, deal making, personality types, timing, and balance of passiveness and aggression. Choosing Arista ensures you have proven negotiators working for you to close and achieve the best deal.

#6 Our Culture

We are a team of individuals hard at work to maximize efforts to achieve the best deal. Most other agents do not share information readily within the brokerage team. At Arista, our unique business model allows us produce at the most efficient level and ensuring the best deal available for our client.

#7 Leveraging Our Networks

Over 30 Years of Business Relationships in WNY, Extensive Relationships with all the proven deal makers in WNY – the essential key in doing commercial deals. Business Owners and Property Owners have a strong awareness of the Arista Name in Western NY. A small boutique with a powerful brand throughout Erie and Niagara County.

#8 Better Deals

How So? Countless times we hear of sellers agreeing to an unfair deal, using brokers who do not know the market, or advise their client to make a deal they shouldn’t make to serve only their interest. Commercial property is too valuable of an asset to not leave in the hands of a reputable professional that can offer invaluable advisory with an extensive network with real buyers, and access to the best deals available in WNY.